Vincent oh Vincent oh

Vincent Gallo writes well, (well) for a man who tells his story, of how dope he is. Back in the day, I wish I got two pairs of brown socks... Vincent writes (again very well)...
"On my fifth birthday in 1967, along with two pairs of brown socks, I received a one dollar bill from my wonderful parents. Boy, what gift givers they were. With dollar bill in hand, I thought and thought and thought. I thought hard about what to buy. And after weeks of thinking and looking at millions of things priced under a buck, I finally let go of the dollar bill to purchase the Beatles album, Sergeant Pepper's Lonely Heart's Club Band. My first record album it was. Though I had no phonograph to play it on, I did stare at it a lot. However, a few months later my best uncle, my Uncle Hoxie, who could fix anything, fixed one up that he had garbage picked for me. The Beatles are the best band in the world to get a five year old kid hooked on music. I began to sing along and fake play along all the time. And all the time I wished really hard that I was in a band.
Then in 1982. Hip hop and you don't stop. Prince Vince is going to do the body rock. That's right, Vincent Gallo turns Puerto Rican and becomes a world class leader in the hip-hop scene. I got some good tapes of stuff I did at that time. It'll all come out soon."
Vincent oh Vincent oh, please keep on keepin on. And I agree; give your kid The Beatles on vinyl, and have their Uncle fix a turntable, and watch, and listen to the magic. I'd might recommend Prince Paul over Prince Vincent on the Hip Hop tip, or for contemporary standards, turn your kids onto Edan.